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The oceans’ sensitive skin

posted 21 Nov 2014, 03:58 by Martina Lohmann   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 01:44 ]
Ocean acidification affects climate-relevant functions at the sea-surface microlayer
November 11, 2014/Kiel. Ocean acidification might alter climate-relevant functions of the oceans’ uppermost layer, according to a study by a group of marine scientists published in the “Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans”. In an experiment led by GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, the researchers observed a close coupling between biological processes in the seawater and the chemistry of the sea surface microlayer. Also, they noted a growing number of specialised bacterial and algal cells in this microenvironment. These changes might influence interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere such as the air-sea gas exchange and the emission of sea-spray aerosols that can scatter solar radiation or contribute to the formation of clouds.

Read more on the GEOMAR Website.

Scientists sample the mesocosms' surface with a glass plate.
Photo: Sonja Endres, GEOMAR