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Subproject 1.1

Modelling of organohalogen trace gases in the tropical Atlantic atmosphere and ocean

main objective of this research project is to contribute to the overarching questions of Theme I (Climate relevant trace gas fluxes) by (1) determining the variability of the two important organic halogens - bromoform (CHBr3) and methyl iodide (CH3I) - in ocean and atmosphere, (2) identifying the key processes controlling the distribution patterns and (3) quantifying the air-sea fluxes globally and in the different SOPRAN regions. In addition, (4) we will address the question on how climate change will impact the production and degradation processes and thus the air-sea fluxes of these halogens. In order to achieve these goals, we will carry out simulation experiments with a global coupled ocean-biogeochemical-atmosphere model (MPIOM/HAMOCC/ECHAM-HAMMOZ); the results will be compared with observations from key SOPRAN regions.

Fig.1: Simulated summer mean surface concentrations of bromoform (left) and methyl iodide (right); source: Irene Stemmler.

I. Hense / T. Ilyina
Contact: Inga Hense (