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Subproject 1.2

Halocarbons: Regional integration of air-sea fluxes and emission controls

Oceanic emissions of organic halogenated compounds deliver large amounts of iodinated and brominated volatiles to the atmosphere, which have a significant impact on ozone destroying and more catalytic cycles in both the troposphere and stratosphere and are involved in aerosol formation. This subproject will deliver knowledge about the ocean as a source and sink of the trace gases by quantifying the variability of concentrations and fluxes of important halogenated compounds (e.g. bromoform, methyliodide) in and between ocean and atmosphere, by evaluating the key processes controlling the distributions and by estimating the global relevance of organohalogen fluxes from the SOPRAN upwelling regions. Within SOPRAN III the activities integrate different regional observations and results to obtain a more general and global view of variability and controlling factors.
Fig.1: Processes influencing halocarbon mixing ratios.

PI's: B. Quack, K. Krueger
Contact: Birgit Quack (