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Subproject 1.3

Organisms and regulating mechanisms in the production and decomposition of halogenated hydrocarbons

This project aims to understand the effective release of VHOCs from the surface ocean to the atmosphere on the process level. Therefore, the coupling between biological production and biological decomposition of these gaseous compounds needs to be analyzed.
This will be achieved by combined analyses of cruise data as well as mesocosm and laboratory experiments, concentrating mainly on: molecular-biological analyses of CHBr3 and CH3I degrading organisms, a description of VHOCs concentration and isotopic values, laboratory experiments to assess species-specific production and decomposition patterns of VHOCs.
Most of these studies are in close collaboration with other SOPRAN sub-projects.

Fig.1: Mesocosm experiment in Norway, May 2011

PI's: D. Schulz-Bull,  K. Jürgens,  F. Pollehne
Contact: Anna Orlikowska (