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Subproject 1.6

Marine volatile organic compounds (VOC): Tropical field measurements and the effect on emissions of increasing CO2 and surfactants.

Our aim is to investigate marine impacts on atmospherically important trace gases. Building on the success of SOPRAN II we target the following goals in SOPRAN III.

1) Characterize marine VOC relevant to the atmosphere in-situ in Tropical oligotrophic and bloom conditions.
Campaign off Peru completed successfully, December 2012. Example of gas phase data shown in Fig.1.
2) Optimize and validate analytical method for novel needle trap-GC-MS analysis of seawater samples. (Proof of concept completed in SOPRAN II)
Paper on optimized analytical method under review at Marine Chemistry.
3) Determine the effect of surfactant on VOC transfer coefficients in Aeolotron. (Dual PTR-MS system for water and air developed already in SOPRAN II)
Experiments planned for 2014. Method paper written.
4) Examine marine VOC variation from a CO2 enrichment mesocosm experiment in oligotrophic conditions using a needle trap-GC-MS system.
Experiment planned for February 2013 in Gran Canaria.

These aims address the specific overarching questions specified in Theme 1. Aims 1, 2 and 4 address Q1 and Q3  –trace gas variability, magnitude and global relevance in atmosphere and ocean; aim 3 addresses Q2 what processes control the distribution of the trace gases; and aim 4 addresses Q4, how will climate change effect these processes.
Fig.1: DMS in air above Peruvian upwelling.

PI: J. Williams
Contact: Jonathan Williams (