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Subproject 1.7

Combined CO2, O2 and APO fluxes in the tropical North Atlantic Ocean

Main sub-project objectives are:

- Examination of spatial and temporal (daily to seasonal) variability of surface ocean O2, CO2 and APO and corresponding air-sea fluxes in focus regions (CV, Mauritanian upwelling, equatorial upwelling);
- Examination of O2, CO2 and APO patterns and dynamics from phase I & II with respect to driving mechanisms;
- Preparation and evaluation of combined flux O2, CO2, and APO products for ETNA;
- Assessment of vulnerability of observed gas fluxes and source/sink patterns to expected climate change.

The overall goal of this proposed work is therefore to put the data acquired within the sub-project into the wider regional and scientific context by combining them with all other available data to produce regional flux products including a detailed analysis thereof.
Fig.1: Annual cycle for air-sea gas exchange of CO2 as observed at the Cape Verde Ocean Observatory | CVOO (Fiedler, 2013).

PI's: A. Körtzinger, P. Brandt
Contact: Björn Fiedler (